The Social Benefits of Having a LEGO® Builders Club in Your Child’s School

With the school year back in full swing, now is the time to consider introducing different clubs or programs during the lunch hour or after school. This said, a LEGO® Builders Program should be at the top of the list.

LEGO® Builders Club in your school
Unlike in the case of sports teams or academic clubs, there are no special skills required to become an active part of a LEGO® Builders Club, and yet, the skills that children acquire, and the lessons they learn, have numerous and long-lasting benefits.

Social Benefits of LEGO®
Specifically, I’d like to focus on the social benefits of LEGO®. The truth is that, from a social perspective, school can be a terribly difficult experience for some children. Not all are adept at navigating the social complexities of the school yard. It’s a challenge for children to make friends, play well, or simply interact with their peers in a way that is confidence-building or constructive.

However, when administered properly, LEGO® is a tool that can be used to convert the aimless, undirected energy of children into directed, productive, and interactive play. By focusing their attention on a common goal, children acquire a purpose for playing, a means to gain confidence in what they are doing, and – most importantly – an opportunity to engage with others in a creative, constructive, and positive way. Children who do not normally interact with one another on the playground can learn – through LEGO® – to find a common ground upon which to relate to one another. This simple point of reference can break down barriers that exist between children, and can be used as a starting point to build relationships between them. Children need to have good experiences with other children, and LEGO® provides a foundation upon which to build those experiences.

Life Lessons Come from Social Experiences
Truthfully, not many of us will remember what we learned in class, but we often remember what we learned – both good and bad – during our social moments at school. As parents and educators, let’s try to make those social moments as constructive as possible. We sometimes assume – in error – that children automatically know how to “play well”. While this is true for some, it is not true for all. Some children need to be directed in their interactions with other children to ensure that they are positive. For some children, it’s important to build their self-confidence so that they feel comfortable in engaging with their peers as contributing members of their social community. On the flip side, some children need to be taught how to play fairly, so that they don’t overwhelm, and ultimately, alienate their peers. We cannot underestimate the value of these lessons, and their necessity to the success of our children in later life.

At kids n bricks, we understand how important it is for children to learn these lessons and, to this end, we have carefully designed programs that provide a platform to acquire these skills. Having facilitated numerous lunch hour and after school LEGO® Builders Programs, we’ve had the benefit of witnessing, firsthand, the positive changes in children participating in this program. Whenever LEGO® is part of the equation, you’re always on the right track towards success!

If you are a parent or guardian, or an educator, and want more information about starting a LEGO® Builder’s Program in your school, e-mail us at or call us at 647-832-2229.

Until next time, leg godt – play well!