Harvard Medical School Promotes a Strengths-Based Approach to Autism

I cannot tell you how excited I was to see this article posted to one of the Autism Facebook groups to which I belong.  It is so good to see that this approach to teaching and interacting with children on the Autism spectrum is gaining ground, and that the word is slowly getting out there – by no less a highly-regarded institution as Harvard Medical School.

Seven years ago, when my son was in early elementary grades, this strengths-based approach to learning was the approach to his education that I ultimately chose, after several years of trial and error, and many failed school “experiments”, where everything the schools tried ultimately failed – and where he failed – and it eroded his self-esteem and self-worth daily. It was my desperation to see him smile that led me to this strengths-based approach, and we have not looked back since then!

Today, he is a fully-functioning, happy, confident, social young man who is very aware of his great gifts and strengths, as well as his areas of weakness, and he is so motivated to succeed in life! I, in turn, have created an education-based business based on this philosophy, and we are rewarded constantly with the successes of children who struggle with all kinds of learning and developmental challenges, including autism – children who have never experienced success before adopting this strengths-based approach to learning.

Read the story about strengths-based learning in the article from Harvard Medical School …

A strengths-based approach to autism